While recognizing that change is an important aspect of school life, accredited schools must notify PAIS in a timely manner of significant changes which are occurring or have occurred at their school. Depending on the circumstances, the PAIS Commission for Accreditation may, in its sole and exclusive discretion, request additional information/documentation and/or interim visits when the Commission or the PAIS Board determines that additional information is necessary or greater review is appropriate.  It is the responsibility of the PAIS Member School to notify the Association leadership if a substantive change has occurred or is about to occur at their school. Changes such as those described below should be submitted to PAIS via email at [email protected].

Substantive Changes include but are not solely limited to:

  • Mission Change: Adoption of a mission statement that substantially deviates from the School’s existing mission statement.
  • Change of Leadership: This means that the school has a new Chief Administrator (Head, President, Principal, etc.), who is responsible for the overall day-to-day operations of the school. This includes Interim and Acting Heads of School.   
  • Change of Program: This means that the school has undergone a change to its grade levels or educational programs offered. For example, a K-8th grade school adds 9th grade; or a PK2-5th grade school drops its preschool program. This also includes adding or removing a boarding program or a change in its coed/single sex school status. Curricular changes are not considered a change of program unless those changes have a significant impact on the school’s educational program or mission.
  • Change of Location: This means that students, faculty and/or staff will be occupying a new structure. This could be an entirely new campus or second campus, or a newly constructed building (such as a new arts center or main classroom building).
  • Change of Enrollment: This means that the school has experienced a precipitous change in enrollment either to the positive or negative, defined as a deviation of approximately 20% or more.
  • Merger/Acquisition: A merger with, acquisition of, or other business partnership or relationship with another school or educational institution. 
  • Financial Concerns: A significant change in the school’s financial status which may place the school at risk of closure or a substantial change in the school’s educational program.
  • Closure: Planned closure of the school.

Some of these changes, most notably a leadership change, may not require a formal visit by PAIS. Other changes may require a visit from one or more members of the PAIS Board or Commission. This visit is intended to gather information and evaluate the conditions so that the school’s PAIS accreditation and/or membership can be evaluated and, if necessary, modifications applied.  It is within the sole and exclusive discretion of PAIS to determine the steps that will follow once a school notifies PAIS of a substantive change.  Information provided in this report may be shared with members of the PAIS Accreditation Committee and the PAIS Board of Trustees.  The Board will make every effort to maintain the confidentiality of this information.

Adopted October 2022